My Secret to Weight Loss

  To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed. Its just so weird to be overweight, out of shape, addicted to food and hopeless for so long… and then, what seems like has happened over night (which I know it’s been months and years of hard work backed up by more months of hard work, butContinue reading “My Secret to Weight Loss”

How to Start Intermittent Fasting

Have you heard this term floating around the internet lately? Are you wondering what the heck this intermittent fasting (IF) thing really is?? Well, you’ve probably done IF before without even realizing it had a fancy name! 🙂 That’s what happened to me. I wad doing it accidentally for a few days and then realizedContinue reading “How to Start Intermittent Fasting”

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One

The two hour premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC had me squirming on my couch and shaking my head in disgust. Did you see that chicken and how he chopped it up and threw it in the blender? Oh, that was just so awful. All the fat that he threw in the dumpsterContinue reading “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One”

We Need to Change the Lunch Program

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (starts tomorrow night!) has got me all fired up about our lunch program in schools. I’ve been into this for a long time, and he has brought back my desire to change it! I hope that his show will open the eyes of America and show us just how bad theContinue reading “We Need to Change the Lunch Program”

Benefits of Water & Important Functions

Your body is estimated to be 60% water, which if you think about that in terms of your body as a whole- 100%-then 60% of your body being made up of water is quite a bit. In fact, that’s downright a huge portion of what your body is made of. Water is essential to thrive,Continue reading “Benefits of Water & Important Functions”

Body After Baby: ingredients of a healthy diet

Did you know that your diet is more than 50% of the weight loss equation? Working out is part of losing weight, yes, but without proper diet and nutrition, you’re never going to drop pant sizes or get the body you want. You can exercise two hours a day, but if you’re consuming more caloriesContinue reading “Body After Baby: ingredients of a healthy diet”