Mayors Half Marathon Race Recap

I ran a half marathon today! Remind me, why did I sign up to do that again? I’m just kidding. Sort of. 🙂  Let’s back up a bit though…. Last night we went to the Expo to get our bib and marathon stuff. I apparently had my expectations too high, because I thought the ExpoContinue reading “Mayors Half Marathon Race Recap”

Twilight 12K Race Recap: Downtown Night Run

What better way to start off your weekend than running a 12K (about 7.5 miles) on a Friday night!I was really excited for this race. It was held in downtown Anchorage, which I’ve never ran through before (and only been to a handful of times- we never go downtown) and it was a night run thatContinue reading “Twilight 12K Race Recap: Downtown Night Run”