When to Start Preschool & the Curriculum of Life

I’m a pretty big believer that children learn through play. At Lucas’s age of two-and-a-half, (gulp) I don’t really focus, or even worry (too much), about him learning things. (Things “school -like.” There was a period of time, probably a few months ago, where I started to really think about how I could teach him,Continue reading “When to Start Preschool & the Curriculum of Life”

Do Toddlers Understand “Say You’re Sorry?”

I’ve been thinking about this today, as I hear other moms discipline their kids (and me too!) say “that’s not nice, tell her you’re sorry!” What does saying sorry even mean? Do you (I don’t) think toddlers, especially young ones, understand what they are saying and what is meant when they say “ I’m sorryContinue reading “Do Toddlers Understand “Say You’re Sorry?””

Brushing a Toddlers Teeth: Two Sides

This post is mostly full of questions. I’m sorry I don’t have anything informative or entertaining to share! 🙂  I’m in a (friendly) argument with one of my friends over when you should start brushing a toddlers teeth. Side A: You should start brushing your toddlers teeth when he or she has teeth. Starting from anContinue reading “Brushing a Toddlers Teeth: Two Sides”

This Must Be the Toddler Stage

Is this what everyone talks about? The Toddler The adorable-fun-exhausting-entergetic-learning new things every day-doesn’t like to sit still or play with toys- loving- yet dramatic toddler. Ah, I love it. Some people are surprised that we get out of the house almost every day for activities or errands or play dates. Please don’t be impressed.Continue reading “This Must Be the Toddler Stage”

Making Biscuits with Lucas

Lucas is going to be cooking me dinner by the time he’s five. I’m not kidding. I teach him how to clean and his dad teaches him how to cook. It’s genius, really. Tonight, Lucas makes biscuits. Follow along. Have daddy get the flour and whatever other ingredients you need to make biscuits with. (IContinue reading “Making Biscuits with Lucas”

Clean up clean up everybody everywhere

Lucas has always been great at picking up his toys and cleaning up things when we ask him too. He loves to help, and I love that he loves to help! After he takes off his clothes at night, he puts them in the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. If there are other clothes onContinue reading “Clean up clean up everybody everywhere”