The $20 Dog Toy — For my Baby

I have always heard some many good things about Sophie the Giraffe, a rubber teething toy for babies. So, the other night when Joshua was fussy and I knew he was teething, I accidentally went on Amazon for a little browsing. (Do you buy things online? I NEVER do.) I wanted to order a running book,Continue reading “The $20 Dog Toy — For my Baby”

His Current Favorite Toy (or Obsession, however You Want to Put It)

I’m having a hard time finding the right word or phrase for the title of this post. Lucas’s current obsession is balls. It has been high on his priority list for a while now, but within the last couple weeks this ball obsession of his has sky rocketed. It’s the funniest thing. He pretty muchContinue reading “His Current Favorite Toy (or Obsession, however You Want to Put It)”

Ideas for Book and Toy Storage (I Need Some!)

I’ve been wondering, maybe the reason why Lucas doesn’t play with many toys is because I have them in all in a relatively large basket. Don’t they say something somewhere that children need their toys to be visual and in separate categories so they can choose which toys they want to play with and haveContinue reading “Ideas for Book and Toy Storage (I Need Some!)”

Keeping Toys Under Control: How Many is Enough?

I recently submitted an article to (a great site for parents!) on the amount of toys that kids have today and how I feel about keeping toys, to a certain degree, at a minimum and not going overboard. It’s of course just my opinion and thoughts on the topic! Do your kids have aContinue reading “Keeping Toys Under Control: How Many is Enough?”