Read What Others are Saying…

“I have been a cardio junkie for many years. I am an avid cycle studio customer and outdoor runner. I felt as if I had hit a plateau. I just was not feeling great about my muffin top over my jeans. I met Samantha and started weight training in July of 2018. I started two days a week and quickly added a third day. I have been transformed. The workouts are never the same. Samantha fits the workouts to your capabilities, progression, and challenges.I am very happy that I have lost inches and gained strength. I am happy to be able to fit in all my jeans and I no longer have a muffin top.” – Cindy  

 “I started from the ground up with Samantha and purchased her workout and food coaching – we started off meeting and working out two days a week. She eased me into weights, circuit training, and worked with me on an appropriate way to count calories and make smart choice at the grocery store and in the middle of the day at the office which was where I was weakest. I started feeling results instantly. It was like I had gotten my power back and definitely my energy. Sometimes though after the weekend I would confess that had not worked or had fallen off the wagon and each time she met me with positivity. There was never a, “Oh you messed up, you gotta get this right, why did you do that.” Instead it was, “It’s ok, you’re doing great, just get right back to it, you got this, and I believe in you,” I upped my workouts to three days a week with Samantha and she continued to be my personal trainer for a year – I lost 12 pounds, felt great in my clothes, gained confidence, felt sexy, and enjoyed every minute of it. If she was still in Alaska we would still be working out together. She is positive, understanding, hardworking and supporting and I am a firm believer in her training and workout style. I highly recommend Samantha Mellen fitness.” – Kat

"Samantha's classes are SO fun! She is always changing it up. I am never bored and always challenged in new ways. It is such an amazing workout. Cardio, weight lifting, abs.. you name it she includes it all. So grateful I found your classes!" - Noel

“This year I’ve decided to take charge of my health. So with the help of Samantha I have begun to feel better, stronger and more determined. Since I’ve started I have lost 2 pant sizes and have increased the amount of weights I lift. This process has taken hard work and a strong mind, but it has been a life changer!” – P